MetaHumans not available in UE5 Quixel Bridge plugin

I have seen others accessing MetaHumans in UE5 in various video posts, but the icon is only present in the standalone version of bridge. After signing in to the same account in the most recent update for Quixel Bridge plugin in UE5, the icon is not visible.

I’ve posted a help ticket with Quixel about this, but is is there anyway to enable this feature?


I have the same problem. I hope there are some answers here.
The in-engine Bridge is pointing to the right library folder, and the external Bridge says I downloaded 2 Metahumans (and they are in the folder), just UE5 cant see them. The external app says they are exported, but no joy.

So I am having the same issues. I read on some documentation that said metahumans might not work for “EA verison” but I have seen multiple videos of people exporting within UE5 and as it’s still Early Access (I assume that EA) then it does not make a lot of sense.

Hi @J0nSnUw @visionarymaker @Rodhill ,
Please try the new updated Quixel Bridge described in

Quixel Bridge 21.0.4 Update to Unreal 5.0 EA2 Epic Launcher Binary version

im trying to post my own thread but tagging the topic and version doesn’t work so im in this loophole of things not working for me

Hi @llie , For our benefit could you tell us your problem. You are replying to a thread that is 9 months old!
Please Read the thread

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