MetaHumans Fingers are broken


MetaHumans fingers issue (The fingers are broken!)

I’m writing here after a huge research online, I didn’t find any solutions and the ones I did find weren’t helpful at all, please help.

The MetaHumans fingers are breaking after importing and retargeting “office animations” pack.
The office desk pack

I tried any solution I found online but nothing is working, that includes different retargeting bones order and anything you can think about.
I tried to fix the rotation of the fingers manually but it looks bad and at some point while the animation is running the fingers are twisting and breaking over and over again.

Here are some photos (once again I have tried many combinations but nothing works, please help):

I have the same problem and found no fix. I have researched on this and watched all types of youtube tutorial for a solid 2 hours a day since the past week, all I could do and still have not come close. This is really frustrating me and makes me question wether UE engine is the right for me because even in other engines with 1 developer I could import basic models and animations.

Hey @yoniaudi,

I’ve found a separate thread with a similar issue.

Please let me know if this ends up solving your problem! :slight_smile:

Hello, has anyone one finds a solution to fix this problem? Please let us know; thank you!

I had the same issue, but I’ve solved it here like that:
In the Retarget Manager window, check View Pose. When I clicked mine and set “View Pose”, the hands were totally deformed. So I clicked “Hide Pose”, then Modify Pose> Use CurrentPose, and clicked “View Pose” again. The hands were fixed. When I retargeted animations to the body, the hands/fingers poses were fixed.

I’ve tried other solutions and nothing hasn’t worked for me. This was the only method that worked for my MetaHuman.


I met same issue and searched solutions in this community, seems so-called solutions are just irrelevant. No one treat it seriously.