MetaHumans - fingers distorted after retargeting

Hi guys,
I’m retargeting this skeletal animation:

onto the UE MetaHuman female body.

All work fine, animation is fine, but the fingers (maybe not the thumb) are distorted as you can see in picture below.
fingers distorted.PNG.jpg

When I look at the target hand skeleton of the MetaHuman, I see an extra level in the hand called “metacarpal” (1st pic below) which is not present in the source skeleton (2nd pic below).

Could this be the source of the distortion ? If so, how can I link the joints ?
I tried linking the index_01 level of the source to the metcarpal level of target, but it did not really improve.

Found the answer to my problem in this video at 8’08"

Thank you!

Check this video. It solves your problem.

none of these methods worked for me. My metahuman hands are all jacked up when retargeting animations

I found that forcing the minimum Body LOD to 1 solves the problem. Surely is a workaround, since you’ll lose detail (and possibly bones???) but so far is working well for me.

Funky fingers when importing any Marketplace animation (no matter how you remap your bones):

Forcing minimum Body component LOD to 1 acting on the LODSync component settings:


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Question, as I am noticing this is not occuring with the female medium .5 meta, is this by any chance a male medium normal sized skeleton?

Also, when you retargeted, in the skeleton, did you by any chance change the preview mesh to this male metahuman size skeleton or did you leave it as default? The default does not seem to have any of the finger and toe bones.

I found this worked however I got a crash report saying due to LOD

Hi there,

nope, this was a male overweight short.

I’ve noticed Retargeting work best if before retargeting you do change two things:
i) the preview mesh
ii) the pose you use for the retargeting; metahuman come with a variety of these to cover all the various combinations (same as for the preview mesh: female vs male, normal slim overweight, normal tall short)

This is very well explained in the official documentation: Retargeting Animations onto a MetaHuman | MetaHuman Creator Documentation

Hope you’ve fixed it!
I’m sticking with the lower LOD for the body, and so far everything’s fine.

If you’re retargeting UE4 animations to UE5 metahumans using IK Retargeters found in Lyra, make sure to set all “Metacarpals” in the Chain Mapping tab to “None”. That will prevent finger distortion when converting old UE4 anims.


This solved the fingers issue for me :slight_smile:

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Have to tried this in 5.1 preview? It seems even by changing metacarpals to none, there is still a finger distortion.