MetaHuman hairs render only if the camera is close

Hello, I have imported the MetaHuman “Ettore” from Bridge into my UE4 project. I have imported missing plugins/settings, restarted the editor, let shaders compile, and placed BP_Ettore in my scene. In the editor and in-game, its hairs are only rendered if the camera is close to him. I guess this has to do with bounds or LODs.

How could I force its hairs to be rendered ?


Solved it by editing in the BP of the character, under the LODSync component set Forced LOD to 0 (max details).

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I too have the same problem. According to the Metahuman documentation:

A LOD uses a particular geometric representation of the hair, from strands for high quality, to cards, to meshes (also called a helmet). Each LOD is represented in the following ways:

LOD 0–1 use strand-based geometry on high-end platforms (Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC), but also supports card representations for other platforms.

LOD 2–4 use card-based representations.

LOD 5–7 use simplified hair meshes.

The fact that the hair disappears as soon as the camera goes too far way, suggests that LOD 2+ isn’t set up. Maybe the Metahuman creator has not exported hair cards and simplified meshes. I have not checked to see if this is the case.

I have same problem using metahuman Roux’s hair on my custom character for movie render queue, hope someone can help, thanks.

Open Hair Groom Asset And in the LOD Section Set The LodSelectionType From CPU TO GPU :slight_smile: WORKED FOR ME I hope it helps.

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this worked for me too. in addition, in that same section, under each LOD tier, i clicked Visible to the on-state for more of the tiers.

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