Metahuman Cyber Eye

Working on some cut scenes for a music video , using Metahumans and FaceCap, wanted to share this quick look with y’all and happy to answer any questions.

I post more work on my insta if you’re interested! @snayss


Hello @snayyss, I hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing your fantastic Metahuman creations here in the Unreal Engine forums! Nothing gets the day started like being hypnotized by a realistic-looking cyber eye. :laughing:

I’m looking forward to checking out your Instagram to see all the work you haven’t shared yet, but I hope you also continue to keep us updated here!

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Hi @snayyss , This Looks like some serious Eye Candy! Are you using a Custom Eye Material? OR is this something else? I would definitely like to use this sort of Eye FX for my version of Superman’s Heatvision.

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Thanks:) It’s the Metahuman Procedural eye shader, and I just went in and modified/inserted a few custom nodes!

Excellent. I think that’s something I can handle (not much of a 3D Artist yet). I’m opened to any tips (I do not expect you to give away your proprietary technique).

I would recommend just opening the eye material and first start playing with the existing parameters, there are quite a few parameters which could create a variety of looks. Then if there is some parameter that inspires you , you can dig into the node graph, find the parameter, and go from there:)