Metahuman creator not update

When I customize a metahuman in Metahuman creator (MHC) it will not automatically save to “My Metahumans” also no update button shows to apply my changes to a previous version of 'My Metahuman". When I exit MHC I get message “changes may not be not saved”. Is there a way to force a MHC Metahuman save?

Hey Krasnavin,

MetaHuman Creator saves edits to your character automatically as you create. You will see this in the top right of your creator window.

Im assuming you are using the UE5.2 dropdown when entering Creator, if so it is not possible to apply changes made to current MetaHumans to legacy MetaHumans. Once a MetaHuman is upgraded, they are treated as 2 separate entities.

I hope that helps!


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