Metahuman and Custom Clothing

It does not seem as if the Early Access MetaHuman Creator supports custom clothing. Is there a workaround for this or is it simply a feature that is not available for Early Access? If it is not available, is this a feature that will be included in the official release?

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When you download the assets for MetaHuman, the clothing top, bottom and shoes are separate meshes, which are driven by the underlying body mesh. This means that you could create your own clothing meshes and apply them to the MetaHuman if you wish, inside Unreal Engine.



Thanks for answering, I have follow up question.

Will you support importing of custom clothing assets directly into MetaHuman editor and then automatic skinning/morphing to fit them into body shape ?

I can imagine user created marketplace for clothing assets like the other big character creator (;.

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We don’t have plans at the moment for uploading assets into MetaHuman Creator. However, we can imagine people selling clothing on the existing Unreal Marketplace that would be compatible with the different MetaHuman body types (there are 18 of them). Of course, this is a living product, and things may change in the future!


I hope so, clothes can be ok to buy them by the markeplace, but hair, eyes, makeup, morphs. It would be nice to buy it in a metahuman marketplace and be able to use it in the application to see how the character looks.

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Is there any documentation on this?

Actually with the clothes it would also be nice to have them in the methuman editor to be able to download the baked version of the body morphs, otherwise, I suppose that the clothes of the markeplace should have all the morphs of all the bodys types ingame.

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+1 for getting tutorial or documents on this. Many thanks in advance!

I’m hoping there will be, because as it stands right not it appears to be impossible to use these with custom armor or body models. That severely limits what you can use this for.

I’ve seen some people who have frankensteinned it in UE4 by removing the head of a character and sticking the metahuman onto it in a blueprint, but this isn’t really ideal especially for certain clothing types that may wrap around the neck such as a turtleneck.

I’ve tried exporting the asset from UE4 and then reimporting it, but doing so seems to generate a bunch of errors.

In the current state you should consider it more like metaheads than metahumans. You just have to skining your clothes to the skeleton.
A standardization of the heads is fine because it is the most work-intensive part, and artists can focus on clothing.

The problem I see with collars is that if you want to sell it on the marketplace, you should sell it with morphing for all body types.
and without any type of tool that baked the morphing you want to use the characters will be in gameplay with an amount of morphs that are not necessary

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I will do you one better: MetaHuman Creator adding in more clothing options.

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I have been working on a workflow for creating your own clothing, it’s achievable but obviously not out of the box, but that’s not a bad thing as it creates another avenue for for modellers to create content for the marketplace, I have seen lots of negative comments about metahuman putting character modellers out of work but in its current state there is the opportunity to generate work. At first I just wanted some extra clothes to throw on my metahuman but since going through this workflow I’ve learnt some new skills and a whole lot more about metahumans while digging around in metahuman projects. There will always be a need for custom clothing that the metahuman creator can’t realistically achieve.

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Could I ask for more details on the issues you are hitting creating new clothes for MetaHumans, using the same method as the ‘official’ clothes (ie CopyPose)?

Bodies are not ‘morphs’ on top of a neutral, they ar all custom modelled, with custom correctives and rigging as well. Same with clothing, for each body type.

Hi. What is the way to remove the clothing from Metahuman in UE? There are hidden body, only palms are visible. There is another full-body skeletal mesh in Common folder, but has a generic head with it, so a bit cumbersome. Is there an more simple way?

If you just want to remove all of the clothes edit your metahuman in metahuman creator and remove the clothes there, then download a copy of that which will have no clothes on.

Hope that helps

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If anyone is interested in combining Metahumans with existing skeletal meshes/clothing here is a way I put an MH in a spacesuit


I have managed to design custom clothing in Marvelous Designer for the MH body. I textured the clothing in mixer 2021 and brought it via Bridge to Unreal. Do you have an idea how to attach the clothing to the MH in unreal properly and make the cloth physics work?

Hey AndreasSing, nice work! To apply this to the MH you need to import the mesh as a rigged skeletal mesh with weights as an fbx, on the fbx import select the MH base skeleton, then once you have it imported open your MH blueprint for the MH you’re applying to, on the left hand side select the legs then over in the right hand side you’ll see the skeletal mesh the legs are using, change this to your new mesh and also change the material underneath it. This will now work with your MH. Sorry I can’t remember what any of the actual tab names are as not in front of my pc right now. And I have no idea about cloth physics. Important part is it will need a skeleton with weights before you import. I’m looking at doing a how to for the whole process but that’s the best I can help right now.


Thank you very much for that. This was a very helpful! I will tinker around with that. Do I understand it correctly that I first need to combine the clothing with the MH body in a different application first and then reimport it in unreal? There is no way to combine the cloth mesh and the body mesh in unreal natively.

I’m pretty new to unreal but as I understand it if you’re trying to add your cloth as a dynamic cloth that might be a completely different workflow, although I would imagine you still need to attach part of the cloth to something and then apply the cloth sim to the rest of the cloth. If you’re just replacing like for like, as in new trousers to behave the same as the current trousers then you need to bring them in to unreal as a skeletal mesh and apply the current base skeleton to that mesh. I have successfully done this many times but not using cloth simulation to have cloth behave dynamically. So you have to take the current skeleton out of unreal apply your trousers and weight painting to them and bring them back in. Unless someone else has a better workflow. Does that make sense?

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