Metaballs FX


I made Metaballs fx for UE4. Uses Procedural Mesh, written on C++ and can be controlled via BP. Two modes are supported: free flight and manual transform control.
If you are interested i will publish source code on git.




Yeah I would like to see how you made that, nice work man.

Thanks. Will publish soon as possible.

So nice :slight_smile: Publish for us please :slight_smile:

Yes do it!

Very awesome stuff Andy :slight_smile:

How is the performance if I may ask?

Just do it. Listen to shia.

On my GTX970M working well =) 60 fps with 20 balls and grid size 48-64. The mb has not been tested on a different hardware.

Could you explain what and how you have done. Code is also interesting but some kind of introduction would be nice.

sounds good to me.
Some people already started calling this “Indieballs” lol.

Hi Andy_rst

In Unreal 3 (UDK) there is a feature that uses Nvidia Physics to simulate metaball particles that probably works similarly. And this feature is combined with the Cascade Particle Editor to use the GPU rendering system.


Now with the Unreal 4 I do not know if exists anything similar because I yet never tested it.


Balls on Git now =)

I made Plugin for easy using and simply demo project.

Nice work :slight_smile:

Thanks! My tribute to demoscene time =))

Very nice work mate! Was researching this when UE4 first came out for some 3D water effects but never got around to building it - so this is quite interesting!

Thanks! I hope this will be useful you.

Thanks you for this man, nice work, thanks for put public.

Hi Everyone,

I’m super excited to use this metaball plugin, just wondering if it only works in UE Version 4.10?

I’ve got the latest version 4.14.3 and not having any luck.
If anyone has any other metaball plugins for tutorials please post them here.


Does anyone know how to make this compatible with newer versions, like 4.14.3? I don’t really know a lot about plugins.

To use the plugin in 4.14 you need to change the lines 53 and 54 in “Metaballs.cpp” from:

MetaBallsBoundBox->AttachParent = RootComponent;
CapsuleComp->AttachParent = RootComponent;



After that you just have to recompile from Visual Studio and you’ll be able to use the “Metaballs” actor.
It works in 4.16 too. :wink: