Meshes not affecting GI. Black in Lumen Scene Vizualisation

Hi, I have an issue with lumen where meshes are not contributing to GI and they are black in the Lumen Scene view. This seems to be an issue with the mesh itself maybe coming from the export (blender). Lumen is on this is not a nanite mesh. You can see a light affecting the back wall and some circular flickering. The random cube I imported is working fine. The walls to the right and left of the light are not receiving any lighting in scene view. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lumen Scene Visualiser

Lumen GI Visualiser

Hello. I have a fix for this! I had this same issue and appears to be a bug with certain imported Mega Scans assets. Open up the Parent material for the mesh that is rendering black and make sure the Shading Model is set to “Default Lit”. A bunch of my imported megascans assets imported with the Shading Model set to “Cloth” by default which renders black in the Lumen Scene view and will NOT contribute to bounce lighting. I realize your scene does not use Megascans but would still advise you to check your Shading Model on each material applied to assets rendering black.

hi, thanks for the reply. The problem is my meshes are one sided polys and convex / concave meshes. In the recent lumen livestream they stated this type of interior is not supported yet. The fix is to detach all your walls and floors into single objects - it takes a bit of testing to see which objects are causing this issue. Its a real pain to work with - hopefully support is added for this in the future.

@christopherC1 - thse are all my own assets with a basic flat texture on. Not Megascans assets.