Meshes crash UE5 when loaded, can't right click them to delete them without crashing.

I have two static meshes that give crash Unreal Engine any time they are loaded, even by simply right clicking them in the content drawer. Thankfully, the meshes are not present in the level that loads when I start Unreal, however loading a level or asset with one of the meshes in it crashes unreal after about half a second. I can’t delete them, either, since it also crashes Unreal. This puts a severe dampener on what I’m doing.

Error looks like this: Assertion failed: Owner->IsMeshDescriptionValid(0) [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\StaticMesh.cpp] [Line: 2823]
Bad MeshDescription on /Game/FirstPerson/Geometry/Meshes/MortarLvl2A.MortarLvl2A

The only hints I get from this is the Bad MeshDescription in one of my bad meshes.

Any possible solutions?

You could try deleting the .uasset or reimporting the mesh if you have the source file?

I should have resolved this post long ago.
I am closing this because the problem was no more than two corrupted meshes, which has since been fixed.