Mesh to terrain Converter


So after getting the help of a very talented programmer friend of mine , we are almost ready to submit a mesh to terrain converter plugin. What it does at this point is take any mesh and attempts to convert it into a terrain object.
It currently supports fbx and obj as an input and a variety of sizes.
You can import a terrain no matter how high/low poly and it will try it’s best to convert it to the best terrain for the specified size.

If you have any other questions and feedback post them here and maybe we can address them before we submit.


Looking forward to seeing some screenshots of this, sounds very interesting :slight_smile:

when will it be out? i would love to test it out :slight_smile:

looking forward to test this

Well i’ve been putting this thing through a lot of tests with different terrains and we have discovered a few bugs that we want to fix before releasing. So that’s why it’s been slow but hopefully it’s going go be fixed this week.

will it cost if so how much?


The project has been submitted. I have attached some screenshots meanwhile in the main post.

I keep getting invalid file specified for each screen shot. :\

Edit: Looks like the forums were just lagging.

Yea epic’s forum is bad. I had to edit my post 10 times before it actually did anything. Just refresh the thread and try again.

@**axell699 - **Will this work with World composition toolset?

Haven’t tested it specifically but the resulting terrain is just the standard landscape object.So if you don;t need a special terrain/heightmap for world composition, this should support it as well.

When will this be out in the marketplace?? I’ve been waiting for years for this solution. This is the only reason I use Unity still…

Nice, seems really useful!

It’s currently under review by Epic so hopefully not too long.

It’s released!

Cool. I’ve been waiting for ages for something like this.

Glad it helped you out!

NM, had to turn it on in the Plugins section :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad it helped you out!

So does this support “Over Hangs”?