Mesh showing black Artifacts in dynamic lightning in UE5

Hey everyone, So I was working on my art school project and I decided to choose unreal engine 5 as I wanted to use dynamic lightning of Lumen.

As I imported my meshes inside the editor, there is a black patch artifacts appearing on my meshes even on the Unreal engine landscape too. I didn’t used any materials or such as of now and it was looking pretty bad. Not just this even the Directional Light was passing through my meshes and litting up the whole room without even any light source. I have uploaded a screenshot where you can see how it was looking. Can anyone help me in this ?

That looks like z fighting, meaning that you’ve got duplicate meshes trying to occupy the same space.

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Oh Okay, So how should I fix this ? Actually these walls aren’t even dont blocking the light properly, You can see how the light is getting passed from it.

Basically you need to make sure meshes don’t intersect. So if you align two cubes side by side at even heights, they will look fine. But if you move one of the cube within the other cube slightly, you’ll start seeing these artifacts.

However, lighting does have some bugs within the viewport sometimes and zooming out far away then zooming in “fixes it” but that’s different than what you posted about.