Mesh Scale Impacting LoD?

Hey, folks
I’m coming across an issue with mesh and texture LoD’s…
I have an actor that spawns in an appropriate mesh under a scene component, and when this mesh spawns in the scene component is fed a scale from a timeline, which, over the course of one second goes from 0-1.
ie. my asset spawn in but instead of just popping into existence it has a little animated scale-up.

The issue I’m running into is that the assets that spawn in seem to get stuck at a very low LoD level. A particularly low level especially considering how much screen space they take up after they spawn in (ie. I really don’t think this is an issue with the LoD settings on the assets, as they LoD very reasonably during regular play). If I disconnect the scale from 0-1 from the timeline and just let the assets “pop” into existence at 1 scale, they are appropriately detailed, it’s only when I do the animated scale that I run into issues.

Is it possible that the assets are loading in a low LoD based on the tiny initial scale when they spawn in, then not updating after that as they scale up? Is there a way I could resolve this?

Thank-you for any help!

Try using this:

For each screen size in LOD options array (1 = 100% through to whichever screen space values chosen), set triangle count to be at 100% (1) or within .75 to 1 range, or .5 to 1 if it works. Then whenever one spawns in, no matter where it is in the view (far, medium, or near), it’ll spawn in at higher resolutions and triangle counts. The graph at the bottom of the article shows a setup of it.

Thanks for the help,
Unless i’m misunderstanding though (I’m not too sure which part of the raytracing page you linked I should refer to), this will change the LoD’s across the board on those meshes, but they are currently performing as desired in regular gameplay. It’s just when they spawn in through this BP actor (just something I’m trying to do with the pickup events) the LoD’s come in funky.

Thanks again

raytracing? I linked to a page on LODs. I don’t know how to hone in on a BP’s specific spawners.