Mesh Particles Trail Following/Aligned to a Pawn


I am trying to create a trail of meshes particles following/aligned to a Pawn, but it seems a bit more difficult than expected.

Basically I would like to have the particles / meshes spawning aligned toward the Pawn while it is moving. It seems quite challenging to accomplish this effect through Cascade, especially since my particles don’t have any velocity (I would like them holding the position / orientation once created until the end of the Lifetime).

A good example of what I try to achieve is in the Content Examples / Blueprint_Splines / Ex. 1.2, except I would like to create it dynamically following the Pawn.

A) My actual result with a Mesh Emitter.

B) What I would like.

Maybe with Blueprints / Code?

If you have any ideas / directions / suggestions for me, it would be awesome!

Thank you!