mesh particle vertex world offset problem

hey gang. i’m trying to create a cheapo “melt” function in the vertex shader, but it’s to be spawned and controlled by a particle system. The only problem is that my setup works fine on an actor, but as soon as i use that mesh and material on a particle, it just won’t work. the particle move all over the world in what seems like a random fashion. I assume there’s some transform converting that I’m going wrong here, but i can’t figure out what i’m not doing right.

Is there something in particular that I need to remember to do when manipulating mesh verts on when used in a particle system?

this is my working on a normal mesh system. I’ve tried to replace the last AWP with a Particle Position, but it didn’t help. I’ve also tried adding and subbing the particle position with no luck.


I am having similar problem. Is there something else going on when mesh particle is used? I think getting local position of mesh , used in particle system is not working well.