Mesh Particle Emitter Collision Problem

I created a simple Mesh Particle Emitter following Zak’s tutorial on particles. It apears that this is a known issue,

One of the posts mentioned it was a problem due to mesh scale. I removed the scale in my case and it is still not working.

Here is the problem:

Note: I know that some meshes are “touching” the ground but what happens is the engine fails to compute the colision while the capture screen tool is launching.

I would also like to know how to follow the bugs, if there is a way. In one of the posts there is a reference to UE-3853, but I wasn’t luck in find the bug tracker with this number. I didn’t find a Issues page in GitHub.

Hi Mcleary -

Yes, this is still an issue, UE-3853 for reference, and is currently backlogged in our system. We currently do not have a forward facing Bug reporting system, but you can ask about the status here using that referenced number and we can give you the status of the issue.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum