Mesh move to folder creates copy

I’m using 4.8.3 and I been having this strange issue sometimes. When I import my models and textures to the main folder I create. Then I make a new separate folder for each asset. Meshes, Materials Textures. When I try to move them into each corresponding folder it creates a duplicate copy of the meshes and materials. If I try to delete either one of the copies it removes both. Any suggestions what may be causing this?

Hey Pro4cy,

This was a known and reported issue in engine versions 4.8.3 and should be fixed in 4.9.2 and later. If you wouldn’t mind testing your issue in this version to confirm it no longer occurs, that would be helpful.


Thanks Andrew

I migrated my project over to 4.9.2 and so far it seam to be working with no problems. I’ll keep testing but everything seams to be working great. Thanks again.