Mesh missing transparency when imported as fbx

I created a theme in maya, and exported it as fbx. However, as I imported it into UE4, I noticed the translucency property is not imported with the meshes. I got non-transparent windows in my models.90aeedeaa7064a561fd83faa85e6d417b83896f9.jpeg model in maya ScreenShot00000.png model in UE4.

Is the material for the windows set to ‘translucent’ within UE4? It might not be importing that aspect properly from Maya.

I believe that they are set to opaque, so is there something that I should do so the fbx file includes the ‘transcluent’ property when imported?

I do believe you’ll have to set it within the material editor in UE4

Does that mean I can only fix the transparency in material editor, or is there something I can do in maya so the exported fbx contains the transparency information

AFAIK you can’t set that kind of info in Maya or the .FBX:

Thank you. Hope the team can fix the issue, cuz going in the material editor 30x times to fix the transparency is really painful for a large project.

It wouldn’t be a ‘large’ project if you didn’t have to do something like that though :stuck_out_tongue: