Mesh Merging and Texture Atlasing

We are importing city model assets from 3DS Max that use a lot of tiled textures. The textures don’t unwrap very efficiently and the geometry is not very consistent, so unwrapping and baking is not the best option. Most of the buildings also have lots of materials applied so we’d like to be able to merge our geometry and atlas the tiled textures. However, in the Unreal Merge Mesh, Simplygon atlases a texture only if it is not tiled. Otherwise, it is baked into an unwrapped map. Can anyone suggest a way to preserve tiling (or prohibit baking) on merges?
-Donald Newlands

you use merge actors on mesh with multiple materials => have mesh with 1 material and texture atlas but texture tiling go bad?
if you prohibit merge materials - you would have same count of materials, so it`s no use. Or you can merge more than 1 buiding :slight_smile:
you need to modify merged mesh geometry and tweak UVs (i do this in my porject - but i have only 10-15 meshes to tweak, it no soo hard, but annoying ;D and you can write some scripts :slight_smile: )… or dance with world tiled materials or custom UVs, but material go to be costly.