Mesh made in magicavoxel has incorrect textures when imported to ue4

I make my meshes using a mix of magicavoxel and blender. I haven’t changed anything at all.

I made a couple more meshes today in magicavoxel. Exported as obj and imported into ue4. For some reason the dark colors are green. Same with all the meshes I’ve made today. The textures are correct when imported to blender, 3d paint or magicavoxel. So it has to be ue4, problem is I haven’t changed anything.

Ran them though blender and exported them correctly (fbx this time), same problem. They look fine in blender, magicavoxel and 3dpaint, but not ue4. Dark colors are still green for some reason.

Tried it into a completely blank project. Same problem.

Any help appreciated.

this is definitely too late to reach the person who made the post, but for anybody with the same problem stumbling across this page, from what i can understand (as an admittedly very junior dev) is that when UE4 imports a model from magicavoxel, it creates a material called “palette” which it then uses on the model. if you then import another model, it doesn’t create the material again, so the new model winds up having the exact same colour scheme. To fix this, i found you can simply rename the “palette” material before importing your next model, whereupon it generates the colour scheme exactly as it should.

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