mesh interesection landscape displacement

Hello, im looking to create a specific effect to interact with the landscape displacement,

For example :
In a desert, something slowly gets out of the sand ( from under the landscape ).

what i need is my landscape to deform according the mesh’s position ( the sand would be gathering up around specified meshes ).
I’ve already looked up the available trail effects like the snow tutorial, but it doesn’t really suit my needs because i would preferably have it work with static meshes in the editor too.

what i’ve tried is to detect the mesh/landscape intersection ( such as in cartoon water shaders ) and add the height in the detected area. My problem was that it used pixel depth which doesn’t work with opaque landscapes.

If anyone has a suggestion i’d be very grateful.
thanks for your time !

I’m looking for a solution to this exact problem I have buildings with vertical sides sitting in a dessert sand landscape and I need an in editor way of deforming the landscape mesh in a curved way against the building. It seems like this would be something that was needed a lot but can’t find any info on anyone who has done it. Lots of places it’s asked for but no solutions.