Mesh + Image Sequence rendering Issues...

Hi, im currently new and self-learning in UE4 and there are couple of issues that I need help solving it.

  1. Sequence Rendering Passes
    The Output Format I used is Custom Rendering Passes, for some reason the resolution of it changes after I rendered it out, the resolution i wanted is 1344x384. but… it changes to 653x384 and i can’t seem to fix it after hours of googling… But the problem goes away once i change it to normal Image Sequence output format, but i need to render some passes to composite it…

  2. Mesh Missing in rendered picture
    Following up after i decided to just render with normal image sequence, but for some reason it doesn’t render out the same as it was shown in the viewport… the one that rendered out are instanced foliage while the missing ones are normal meshes that imported in it.