Mesh has holes/stretched vertices in mobile preview/play

Hi there,

I’ve seen a handful of posts with related problems. I have yet to find the solution to this. I am new to modeling and the engine so I am likely doing something incorrectly. I am using Blender 2.74, staying under the mobile vert limit and I am currently using a compiled from source version of the engine 4.7.4. That said, this has been a problem for a little while now and isn’t related to the current version of the engine.

There seems to be a problem wherein the game renders a static mesh correctly in the engine and in a windows mode but when in mobile preview and on an android device, the model looks pretty mangled and is either missing faces and/or has misplaced vertices.

The mesh has only one material element. Multiple versions of the model imported with the same settings result in more or less of the same problem. Some appear clean and others not. I was curious if anyone else has had this problem. It seems very close to others that are out there but has not quite been the same. I’ve used the import settings specified in one of the blender twitch streams. I’ve also checked normals (they look correct) and tried rendering double sided geometry to no avail. I feel that the issue is on my end but I don’t understand what’s happening with the mobile rendering enough to know where to look next for problems.

Any advice would be great!

EDIT I’m noticing vertices being stretched. It’s possible this is the cause or related to the problem.