Mesh Flip Book

I have a group of 30 meshes that act like a flipbook. (Doesn’t have a skeleton)

A mesh of a bird that flaps its wings in a loop that lasts for 30 frames (1 second in Unreal Time, so there are 30 meshes)

Its simply making an animation and every frame you swap the mesh.

What would be the best way to accomplish this?
Can the same be done with its material? or do I have to use the flipbook which uses rows and columns?

Is this possible? Thanks

Depends if the mesh is flat or 3d. If its flat, then yeah I would just do it with a material using a flipbook. If you have 30 meshes like you said, then you can just create a BP with all 30 meshes. Create an array of all 30 meshes and set every mesh to be invisible except for the first one. Then every 0.0333 seconds toggle the visible mesh to invisible and set the next mesh in the array to be visible. Just continue to cycle through the entire array every second and it should appear to be animated.

I had your solution in mind, I did it for a 1 second sample and it works.
The only thing I’m scared of is scalability, if I do it for lets say 3000 meshes then I’ll have to take a different approach which will inevitably require some C++ programming somewhere which I don’t know how to do.