Mesh Flickers (video included)

My mesh that I’m using continues to flicker. Does anyone know how to fix this?

file- MEGA

Still need help with this

Thanks a lot for the reply.
The mesh is high enough off the ground to not be clipping with it.
I believe the issue is a uv issue. I am very new to 3d modeling and I can’t any good resources on how to fix this. The generate uvs in ue4.4 is not fixing it.
Can you give me a quick guide on fixing this, refer me to a guide or fix this for me?

Hello Tan2684,

The UV’s of your mesh seem to be squished and uneven. Would you mind taking a picture of the Unwrap of your mesh? Notice the world grid material on your mesh with the squares? All of the sqaures on your mesh need to be the same size and shape for textures and materials to wrap properly.

Also pull your mesh a bit off of the ground because this flickering can be cause by what is called “Z Fighting.” This means two materials are overlapping perfectly and the engine is attempting to choose which one has priority. So pull your mesh slightly off of the ground and see if that fixes your issue as well.

Thank you,

You are quite welcome. Of course I am willing to help! Here is some great documentation about lightmaps and creating good UV’s so your meshes have materials rendered cleanly. This does deal with UDK, but the principles of Unwrapping and UV spaces remain universal throughout. I hope this helps!