mesh editor in-game

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I’m searching for a way to add / remove / scale mesh from an UMG library in a packaged project. Can’t find any YT tutorial or subject on this process. Is anybody working on a plugin?

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Can you give more details? Why is this VR specific? Is it just scale/rotate/translate? What do you actually want to do?


I’m doing archviz, and want to propose a tool to customers. So they can layout their apartment. (so sorry for my bad english)

Spawn an actor would be probably your simplest bet. Depending on how many meshes you need, you can just assign an event from your menu and when that event fires, it spawns the actor containing the mesh you want. Others probably have a better way but you should be able to test it like that.

If you are interested in a way to make your meshes resizable in VR, I recently made a YouTube tutorial on the subject. Here it is:

This method can be combined with the Grab interface to make them grabbable/movable as well. The grab (aka Pickup) interface is available by default in the standard VR Template.

Regarding the possibility to choose the meshes to spawn from a visual library, you can look into 3D Widget interaction here:…ion/index.html

By the way, if you are into coding, the VR Editor in UE4 does exactly that when it allows you to take a mesh from the Browser and place it in the level. It may be something you want to look at.

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That’s exactly what i want. I know how to grad, change color or texture. the next part is to spawn and resize mesh from a library. I’ll take a look, and thank you for your answers.