Mesh Distance Field AO compatible with Forward Rendering?

I’m curious if Mesh Distance Field AO is compatible with the Forward Rendering in UE4.14

I’m assuming no? Tried to set my window to visualize it (with it enabled, movable skylight, etc). I can’t notice an effect.

Without (any) screen space effects, how are people compensating for that?


Not even dynamic shadows or SSAO are supported in the new Forward Renderer. Baked lighting is the only choice. The Forward Renderer is made with VR in mind so I doubt that these features will be supported in the coming years.

Okay, pretty much what I assumed. Thank you for the quick reply!

Dynamic shadows are supported now (in master), SSAO is not yet but will (hopefully) be next month (only with TAA, not with MSAA). So there’s progress :slight_smile:

What does ‘In Master’ mean? I’m confused by your shorthand. Can you elaborate on your post? Thanks

Unreal Engine 4 is available through the Epic Games Launcher, but it’s also available on github. On github you not only have the stable versions (last stable version is currently 4.14.3) but also the most recent version, master. Master is currently 4.16, you also find 4.15 on github already in another branch. In master you have most of the features that were added to UE4 between when the last stable version was created and now. So master has all the new features that Epic added since 4.14 was released. And one of those features is support for dynamic shadows with the forward renderer.

Thats not related to DFAO though, I don’t know if that’s supported already.

Okay, the Github one is what I was assuming. Weird question - the Github master is 4.16 and 4.15, I’m assuming that plugins (particularly from the markeplace) wouldn’t be compatible with that? I suppose I’m drifting a bit from the topic, but the dynamic shadows in the forward build aren’t a github build of 4.14 I’m assuming?

Yes, plugins from the marketplace are likely not compatible with master. The github 4.14 equals what you get in the launcher, so there are no new features in there.