Mesh Distance Field And Material Shader

Hello there!

I was trying to follow the tutorial where was shown a way to interact with the foliage by utilizing the World Position Offset within the shader material. The material is based on several nodes:

Considering difference between project settings for the UE4 and UE5 I expected that it won’t work properly. But I would like to know why and maybe there are any ideas for workaround.

The problem occures after I link the nodes to the World Position Offset. They seems to reflect the texture and project it one more time. You can see how does look the mesh on the screenshot:

The mesh in the scene has the duplicated material that respond to collision. But the mesh as it is turns to black and does nothing:

One of the difference between settings for the engine versions is missed Lighting section in Rendering tab within Project Settings. It was replaced by Software Ray Tracing. Toggling the Generate Mesh Distance Fields is turning off and on the effect I’m trying to achieve. And it appears with the issue I described.

The second difference - in the tutorial was not used any landscape. It was a simple box mesh with foliage placed on it.

My main question is there a way to make it work or I should start looking for alternative way?