Mesh decals, how to combine normal maps ?


Is it possible to “Combine” normal maps from a mesh decal to the backgroung mesh ?
I mean by “Combine” the normal mixing fusion mode without using the opacity mask.

I want to stay simple and just use a normal map texture for my decals.

That’s how I make my scene assets and the result I get,


Thanks for your’s lights !

Cheers, Walter

You mean like this Normal Map Blending in Unreal Engine 4 — JACK CARON ?

Yes, fusion mode like this.

The link was a tutorial on how to do this. :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly this technique, I must have only one object with 2 UV sets.
And I think I’m losing the flexibility of using decals.
(In my exemple, I have 2 separate objects)

In this case, I think is less restrictive to generate an opacity map for the decal texture,
I want to keep the production as simple as possible.

But your link is usefull, thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm, I see the problem you have. Yes, if you make an opacity map to just show only the chipped normal map and the rest to be invisible is best. :wink: