Mesh Decal only render once on HISM

Engine version UE 5.1

I use mesh decal for my props. and place them in level instance actor. Level inctance actor automatically turn all non-nanite mesh to hierarchical instance static mesh, but decal material only display once on a group of HISM. is there a way to fix this? thank you.

Is the machine mesh and it’s mesh decals combined into 1 static mesh? From the icon It looks like you are using projection decals not mesh decals.

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decal on sperated mesh. I enable nanite on main mesh and combine decal mesh and main mesh in blueprint.

I have the same issue. As soon as material domain changes from surface to deferred decal - HISM starts rendering only first instance while other instances become fully transparent.

Even the simplest setups fails.
Here’s the screenshots:

Here’s how cubes looks inside PLA.

And here’s hot it looks when I exit PLA editing:

The shader is simplest:

Here’s what happen if I change the material donain back to surface:

ISM on the other hand works fine though…

Im using UE 5.3.
Is this a bug?

I did the test on UE 4.27 and it was working fine there…

I also tested this on 5.4 (preview). And guess what it works! So I assume EG are aware about this bug.

Here’s the actor with HISM:

Here’s packed level actor:

However at least in peview PLA does not update properly when you changing materials on actors inside PLA.

So If someone will find this thread and you working on 5.3 and you can’t switch to 5.4 - probably there’s a fix somewhere on Epic Games Git Hub which you can implement as a custom engine version…