Mesh casts different shadow on two maps despite same lighting settings

So I built the lighting for two different maps. One only had a few meshes in it (lighting test map), the other had a lot more (actual game map). The Lightmass settings for both maps are the same.

The same mesh casts a very detailed shadow in the lighting test map but casts a blocky shadow in the game map. Both meshes have the same light settings.

I don’t know what is causing this nor do I know how to fix this. Can someone help me?

Good Lighting:


Bad Lighting:

The lightmap resolution is lower in the second screenshot, if you’ve adjusted the resolution then it needs to be done in the Static Mesh properties, not the properties for the actor within the map because that will apply only to that placed object.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. The Lightmap Resolution in the Static Mesh property is 128. The Lightmap Resolution of the Static Mesh Actor in both maps is 128. And the Lightmap Resolution of the Static Mesh Component in both maps is also 128. So I don’t see where my Lightmap Resolution should be different. I am not overriding the Lightmap Resolution property anywhere (at least to my knowledge)

Attached some images for reference:

Static Mesh Properties:

Bad Lighting Actor Resolution:

Bad Lighting Component Resolution:

Good Lighting Actor Resolution:
Good Lighting Component Resolution:

(The Bad Lighting one doesn’t have lighting built right now, but it has blocky shadows when the lighting is built)

Are you using a lightmass importance volume on both?

Yes, I do.

So I figured out what was causing all of this. The Dynamic Light in the map with the good lighting was set to stationary, the Dynamic Light in the other map was set to static.