Mesh begins to flicker when moving only a short distance away

I had this issue a while ago and I gave up because I got extremely tired of looking at it with no fix. I was going to post a rant about how annoying it is, but I decided to just scrap all of that. I really don’t know what the issue is here anymore. To put is simply, my doorway begins to flicker heavily when I step more than 3m away from it. I’m assuming its because z-fighting starts to happen with the door and the doorway…but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to get around that. I’m trying to work my way towards learning how to animate a door with the use of a skeleton, or something along those lines; but when I continue to see the flickering, I can’t go any further. It’s a hinged door, and because of that, I’ve done my best to create an anatomically correct door frame, but this poses issues whereas the engine is concerned. The main issue is that if I go a short distance and stand and look at the door, the flickering is very apparent.

This picture shows the zfighting occuring. The left side is my custom doorway and door, the right side is the starter content’s doorway with my door mesh. The right side doesn’t start flickering until you go far away, but the one on the left starts flickering as soon as you move a short distance. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to stop it? It doesn’t make sense for it to happen just because the door is too close, because that would defeat the whole purpose of having a door in a doorway to begin with!