Mesh aiming at location flips over

Hi guys!
So I have some tracks following a spline, and every track points to the next track with a look at rotation node. (though it doesn’t matter if I use that or rotation at distance along spline)
However this node is implicitly setting Z+ as up vector, as I understand it, and my tracks flip over halfway.

I’m not any good at vector math and I’ve been going at this without success for a while, even though the solution might be simple.

How would I get the tracks to point the right direction? Or explicitly setting the up vector away from the inside of the spline?


Here you see each track’s right vector as yellow lines, getting flipped

Here’s my simple setup. The two location targets are the current track and the next, and the +180 pitch is just because I brought my mesh in the wrong way, and doesn’t affect my problem.

Any help would be very appreciated!