Mesh after import appears kinda reversed

We have a mesh, which looks fine in Blender. Also, when I create an .obj and look at it in Windows, it’s exactly the same shape.


However, when I import this shape in Unreal as an fbx, it looks reversed or inside-out in some way. The problem is only with this shape. We have many similar shapes who do not have a problem.


Playing with the scale (positive/negative or rotating the object), doesn’t solve the problem. It appears it is rendered/calculated differently. It always shows the inner side. What could be the cause of this problem?

Hi! Can you check normals?

As above, most modelling software has built-in Flip Normals functionality.

Two things you can check…

In blender select all your mesh faces in edit mode.
on the left hand side there is the tools panel underneath shading/uvs there should be a tab which says … Recalculate normals. Check that tab. Do this before you export it.

When you exported this mesh did you tick the correct check boxes down in the left hand corner. There’s a section which has a tab called (main) its highlighted blue. With your mesh selected in object mode check the box underneath that says selected objects. Then move your cursor down to the section which says … (Forward) make the selection for this (X forward) then choose z for up for the box below that one.

Next to (main) is a tab called (geometry) set smoothing to faces. Then export.

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Thanks a lot, Aya. This actually solved the problem!
BTW, in the version 2.8 and above of Blender, normals can be recalculated by selecting the mesh in edit mode, then go to Mesh (on top) > Normals > Recalculate outside.

Okay great :slight_smile: I’m glad it helped (thumbs up) Ue4 can be a bit fussy with imports… I know there are quite a few ways to do the same thing in blender that’s the way I always calculate the normals. I haven’t used the other way in so long I actually forgot so thanks for the reminder.