Merging Objects Effect Help

Hello, I am trying to get two spheres with a fresnel opacity that look like they merge when they come in contact with each other, removing the intersecting portions. Essentially im looking for a sobel effect using opacity. Not sure if its even possible without having a post process edge detection on them. Any help would be appreciated

I’m also curious to know if there is a way to achieve that effect with mesh materials only…

The only way I know to achieve something near that right now is via post process outlines. You’ll probably need some tweaks to get the inbound gradient effect that will simulate surface opacity and to make other objects occlude those spheres.

I think you’ll probably find everything you need here:

Yea I was hoping there would be a way to do like a metalball effect from houdini in UE4

You could use the Distance to Nearest Surface node as a mask for the fresnel function, so that when the spheres come in to contact with eachother the fresnel effect dissappears at the intersections, making it appear as if the objects were merging

Thanks for the help everyone, the distance to nearest surface did would but not exactly how I wanted. I ended up creating Metaballs in Houdini and importing them into UE4, its not dynamic like a shader would be but for what im going for its fine