Merging actors - pivot painter.

I am using pivot painter to store per-element pivots, which have been assigned in 3DsMax. It work splendidly, apart from one thing: I need to use the “merge actors” functionality within unreal. After duplicating and merging the pivot painter meshes, the pivot point’s (which are stored in the UVs) are no longer correct. Does anyone have any ideas for a solution?


I am facing the exact same problem.
Did someone have a solution about merging pivot painter assets ?


I answer to myself but,

I have found a solution but it is not perfect and very time consuming.
I export the meshes i want to merge in fbx and import them in 3Dsmax. Then i place all my elements at the same place manually. I add a parent object (below the floor) a i redo the pivot painter process as if it was a single asset.
This solution have one default, as far are the parts gets from the origin they gets a stronger animation mouvement.

Any smarter solutions will be appreciated.