Merge Decals in Runtime (C++ or whatever)


I want to merge several decals in to one big decal.

I want Make a bigger decal based on the other decals positions and it’s sizes.

Can someone share some details/ideas/thoughts ?

As I understand it:

I think that I have to make a new texture as big as the new decal
and somehow draw other textures(from other decals) inside it (with the respective offsets and sizes).

I have a little idea on how to do this :-(.

The answer is YES it is possible and doable !!
I finally managed to do this - in a way that I initially thought !!

Merging and bitblitting textures is quite heavy task though,
I am planning to transfer it to a secondary thread.

from initial test it shall not drop too much FPS when I am draqing the new decal.

If someone is interested I made a plugin that does it