Merge actors in UE4 v.11

Hi there,

I am looking for “merge actors” as I want to reduce the draw calls in my project. In earlier versions it had to be enabled under project settings/experimental and then selected under Windows/actor merge . It is not there anymore (under 11.1.) and I cannot find it anywhere. Am I missing something or is it not supported any longer?

Reimporting the static meshes one by one is very time consuming, would be great if I could use ti. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Best regards.

Hi BreakMaker,

In 4.11 it still needs to be enabled via the Editor Preferences > Experimental. I checked this to be the case in the event that changed. For me it’s still listed under the tools category as Actor Merging that needs to be enabled.

However, in 4.12 the feature has been moved out of Experimental and can be located under Window > Developer Tools > Merge Actors.

I hope this helps.