Menu as a 3d scene

I’ve been searching around to find a way to do this, to no avail. I took a look at the ShooterGame example, and it doesn’t quite do what I want, and googling around for multiple/simultaneous scenes hasn’t been working out. So here I am.

What I want to do is have a game with a main menu that is a 3D scene (level). The game is of the FPS variety. When I start a level/game I should be able to hit escape and return to the main menu (which is a 3d scene/level). There would be a button to resume the game.

So like this: user starts application -> Menu Level -> user starts game -> Game Level -> user hits escape -> Menu Level -> user resumes -> Game Level.

Now it’s possible to set up something like that. The problem is that if I open the Menu Level, while in the Game Level, I don’t want the Game Level unloaded, only to need to be reloaded again when the user resumes. The Game Level should only be paused but still in memory/ready to go, while the user interacts with the Menu Level.

So what I’m asking is whether it’s possible to have two separate scenes (Game Scene & Menu Scene) loaded/open in UE4 simultaneously.

Cool idea. I’m a newbie so I don’t have a real answer, but some suggestions: Did you check out the blueprint-input level in content examples? It has mini-games that you can switch in and out of, might be worth a look if you haven’t already. Also, it looks like you can still get input while “Set Game Paused” is on. How do i pause the game without the player controller being paused? - UE4 AnswerHub So maybe you can have a menu area inside your level and just switch to it when you pause the game?

I’m checking out the content examples now. Thanks for that suggestion.

Unfortunately having a menu area inside a level will not work for what I’m trying to do. I have several discreet levels, and in the course of gameplay the player should always be able to call up the menu, and I want that menu to be a 3d scene / level (not just a UI). Having that scene contained inside other levels will cause duplication / maintenance issues and it just seems hackish/bad form. I may need to look into level streaming, although that also seems like bad form when it’s meant for managing large continuous worlds, not just temporarily pausing the main game/level to have a look at an entirely different unrelated 3d level for a few moments.

You can look atGeneric Shooter template for a ‘3d scene menu’… but as to flying back and forth between a 3d menu level and a game level, not sure. Seems you would have to make sure before leaving the game level you save character positions and other data, so it can be restored on every return to that level.

That is probably what I’d have to do. The 3d menu wouldn’t be terribly complicated, so it seems like it would be a waste to close down the game level, save everything, only to load it up again a moment or two later.

I will be setting something similar to this for my project. My approach will be to make a room that exist under the world in the persistent level. Then I will load and unload sublevels based on what needs to be loaded and warp the player back and forth to the needed locations. The biggest problem this will be managing texture and geo pools that will be associated with the sublevels being loaded. It will require a good bit of planning to execute it. One possible solution is to have each level of the game be its own set of persistent main menu map with associated sublevels for that particular level. For example level one is an ice level so it will be the main menu level and all the sublevels that belong to it. Then possibly some type of transitioning mechanic like playing a movie to transition to the lava level and hide the master to master load into another persistent with the main menu and all the lava sublevels.