Menu Anchor hides widget


I am currently having an issue with Menu Anchors.

I have a main widget that incorporates 2 menu anchors next to each other.
The first menu anchor opens up another widget that contains 4 buttons in vertical arangement. Lets call them button 1-4 from top to bottom.
This first menu anchor is opened “on construct” of the main widget and works just fine.

Button 1 has a separate function that works as intended.

Button 2-4 is supposed to open the second Menu Achor, but nothing happens.

I have tried to make a temporary call to open the second Menu Anchor in the main widget, on the same “on construct” event as the first Menu Anchor opens.

When i do this, none of the anchors open.

I am at a loss as to why this is happening so if anyone have any clue why my anchor does not fire that would be much appreciated.

3 widgets:
Main widget, containing the 2 menu anchors: W_Combat_Stats
widget for menu anchor 1: W_Combat_ActionButton
widget for menu anchor 2 W_Combat_ActionContent

Below is setup: (please excuse the handwriting :D)