MemoryGame ETC1 android texture bug

I’m working on game based on MemoryGame, it works good on windows, but for android i’m not sure.
i can test ETC1 texture with bluestacks and i see that instead of “MyImgToGuess” there’s a partially transparent “Dust” texture.
i’ve removed ETC1 from store, maybe someone will test it with real hardware,
but maybe it should work with ETC1 too?

i thought that Dust goes on top of needed texture, so i’ve moved it, but it didn’t change things.
with HDR i see only black screen, so i’ve disabled it. testing in IDE works fine, i don’t have a real working device, my smartphone after installing game simply refuses to start it.

if i remove “Dust” logical error begins, i’ll try to set it invisible, but it would be nice to understand why this happens?
i feel like needed texture simply didn’t spawn (because there was more triggers on it), but i can’t be sure right now.


With disabled visibility dust texture, i still have it.
i can provide my links and code, here’s an img

i’ve asked my friend to try app from, i left there only ATC,PVR,DXT texures. only 4000 devices supported, he got acer a8801, app downoaded, but not starting at all, but i can pay in windows+debugger.

what i see is that in new version this problem is not solved.
these textures must be changed with BP_CardMem and they do in windows, but under android something goes wrong.
i think that maybe android cannot change texture through BP?
is it because of lack of scripts that GL2 uses or something else?

Hi OeAi,

Due to the large volume of questions and comments concerning the Engine, we did not have a chance to respond to your post at the time you submitted it and, thus, the issue is now outdated. If you are still experiencing this issue in the current release of the Engine, please make a new post for assistance.