memory usage increases over time, please help me with this memreport

I’m finding a memory leak by taking memreports,
I run “memreport -full” at the beginning,
(then run simulation, kill all actors at the end; spawn them again to begin new simulation; repeat hundreds of times)
and “memreport -full” again minutes later,
then I get two reports:
but I’m having trouble understanding them:

Beginning-UhmapLargeScale-LinuxServer-05-19.53.06.memreport (142.4 KB)
Ending-UhmapLargeScale-LinuxServer-05-20.13.11.memreport (142.4 KB)

Process Physical Memory increase from 189.57 MB to 328.81 MB,
but actors (and their memory) are not increasing:

So increased memory is used for what ? Please help me

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and the increasing memory is class called ipconnection

hi have you solved this problem? i seem to meet this question too