Melee Tracing Plugin

Melee Tracing Plugin

Marketplace Link:Melee Tracing Plugin in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

The plugin adds new melee-focused tracing functionality (Blueprint Node ) and a weapon class that includes a more robust tracing system intended to be used with weapons


  • New Blueprint node that includes a melee-focused trace with all of the parameters exposed
  • C++ Class that serves as a base weapon / template including the same melee tracing but more tailored towads weapon usage
  • Every parameter and event is exposed to blueprints for easy customization
  • C++ Source included and commented
  • Debugging utilities included (Debug Lines to see the traces in realtime and so on )
  • Various Optimizations to make sure that even with many traces at realtime the perfomance impact is minimal
  • Traces against the character mesh, not the collision cylinder resulting in a huge degree of precision
  • When using the weapon class, it distributes the traces along the weapon blade, You only input how many traces you want to make and the system generates them




If you have any questions or feedback please do tell :slight_smile:

Give melee plugin Pls!

I Submitted the plugin to the marketplace, waiting for the reply now

Im very happy to say that the plugin has **has been approved for addition to the marketplace **, Once i have been given the release date ill make sure to update this tread :smiley:

Congratulations man!!!

Thanks a ton dude!

Update!, The plugin is now scheluded for release on the marketplace on November 17th :smiley:

Bump, looking forward to this release, details on price?

Hey. The price is 9.99$

The plugin has been released!

Why are these tracing solutions plugins? How is performance affected, with lets say 40 AI on the screen, each using the plugin?


I Made sure to optimize the plugin as much as possible so the perfomance impact is null, in any case the ¨main ¨ trace function thats intended to be used in a melee weapon. Includes an optional radius for the tracing so it only grabs characters within X radius so regardless of the amount of characters and AI on screen it makes sure to only hit those that are close enough / relevant

Thanks for the quick response Alvarofer. Though, what i also want is weapons stop on impact. Do you know how to implement this with your plugin? Does this require much extra work? Is it only required to add something like on weapon overlap, stop animation?

Well stopping your weapon on impact wouldnt really require much extra work. in any case the plugin only provides melee tracing / hit detection. anything beyond that is something you would need to add by yourself :slight_smile:

How are you supposed to spawn the weapon on a dedicated server? Melee weapon bp’s are child actor components, but this should be the weapon reference? Can you post a screenshot with the trace node in action, thanks.

Setup with Apply Damage and multiplayer
Interface message is called via AnimBP notifies, maybe enough with just calling a custom event. I tried to set the DealTrace event on the character, and use the hit there, but it didn’t work not entirely sure why. NPC Enemy is a child for all enemy AI, to prevent friendly damage, maybe enough to call this once on BeginEventPlay. Testing the wake rigid body node for some impact visuals, maybe i add a radial force too.


Updated image, with debug tracing work on server


If you are using the weapon class and NOT the node then you should create a blueprint that extends from the weapon class, assign your desired mesh, socket name etc there. then spawn that blueprint and keep it as a reference. For spawning the weapon itself remember to use your blueprint which should alredy have a mesh assigned and do the spawning server side as usual

And theres alredy a screenshot on the marketplace showing off the plugin functionality though?

Also if you continue having issues i would advice to send me a PM instead, to not clutter up the tread :slight_smile:

Blueprint setup for spawning trace weapon in a server environment. Needs authority for Authority and Remote to make ApplyDamage work.

Notice added delay nodes are required, otherwise spawning sometimes fails.


This seems like a great plugin but i should of read the description, because its very limited if its only fire a hit event off when clipping a pawn, what about shields and other world objects?

Also like to know this.