Megascans Fuzzy Master Material and Dark Shadows

Hey all! First post ever!

I am a novice user in UE and am making small scenes with various setups using Megascans and other assets to help learn the engine.

One of the major issues I am running into and haven’t been able to solve is with the import of a Megascans Nanite Mesh with Fuzzy Materials applied. Specifically, the shadowed areas of these meshes are black and will not receive any direct or indirect light.

Any suggestions or help would be amazing as I am having a difficult time moving on with other things when I know this is an issue.

Replying to myself after looking around a bit and finding this post which is essentially the same issue with no real answer/response:


The black shadows are fixed by switching to the default MS Material, but I still feel like the asset is “overbright” by using this fix. It also breaks the map link to the DRF texture. Still curious if this is the “real” fix or not. Maybe it’s a bug?

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