MegaScans any good ?

looking at the library of the work looks good, and downloaded the samples and I have mixed bag of quality, the rock models didn’t look very good at all and the grass texture/ martial didn’t look that grate ether but in farness I didn’t play around with it a lot, but I was comparing the price 1 month for $29 for 50 points most textures are about one point and static meshes seem to be about 2 - 3 points, its pretty good value compared to the Ue4 market place, I was wondering what it’s like and if its worth it?

Megascans is the absolute best quality source you will find for PBR scans/models. Every asset has been consistently scanned and calibrated correctly, if you weren’t impressed with the free assets it’s most likely because of the setup, it’s possible to get extremely high quality results. Megascans isn’t like traditional texture libraries where you just get an untiled diffuse and make photo based PBR maps- all the stuff is custom scanned and super accurate/tiled seamlessly. I still can’t get over just how insane the quality is, for that value and access to a constantly expanding library of industry standard assets… it’s a no brainer, at least for me :slight_smile:

cool thanks, goy any examples of setup I could play around with?

Have a look at the tutorial from @EoinOBroin : Megascans Studio + UE4: Creating Ice and Snow - YouTube

Megascans is fantastic, I made this texture in literally 5 seconds.

Megascans is totally awesome.

Indies can now have AAA quality textures ect at a very affordable price.

the textures look good inside the program, though that texture looks very hard to tile, I think I could get a just as good resalt with Ue4 combining 3 textures like that with high maps the only thing that lets it down is the tessellation, but add that to UE4 I doubt it the tessellation would look as clean

so I ended up getting a subscription, for $30 why not, but I really don’t understand the textures at all, it looks nothing like the preview picture, I don’t understand where all the detail is? some help would be fantastic

I wasnt considering tiling when I quickly made the texture, but its an easy fix to do so.

As for your texture issue, it definitely looks like youve blended more than 1 texture together in megascans studio/UE4.

no that is the download from the site nothing more, all the textures seem to have this affect

What are your quality settings at? Can you show us a picture of the texture + material in the editor, not just applied to a mesh. As well as a picture of the texture in Megascans Studio. Im nearly 100% certain that youve blended the texture together with another one.

I can 100% tell you it is the texture right from the site. I can even exported it in megascans and I get the same result, it is simply bace in to bace normal into normal and so on, event if it needs a more complex Mat the bake colour still looks like it lacks

Im kind of confused, why are those two textures different? Are they both in megascans?

it’s not a picture from the editor but it looks the same when I isolate the albedo texture

ok I figured it out, I had to multiply the Base Colour/ Albedo together with the AO, it is rather annoying as I cant swop between non mega scan and megascan textures without having to disconnect the other AO and recompiling the material, also it makes the AO texture pointless as it needs it to function and connecting the AO to AO has no affect, so theirs no point to it

I am still suspect on the quality of the textures as well this wrecks the whole texture, the weird dip in the texture

Have you tried downloading other textures from Mega? Can you link me to that specific texture so I can downlaod it and see if I get the same errors?

this is the texture

all the others seem to need the AO and the base colour together for the martial to look any good

So the reason you are seeing that is because the way PBR works. When it comes to PBR, the albedo/diffuse is not supposed to have any light information what so ever, that means you cant see depth, which is the issue you are showing. When the texture is in UE4, it requires some of the other textures, because they are requirements for PBR. There is no way getting around this if you want to correctly use UE4 and its materials.

yah, I figured something like that, I just don’t see the point in it, isn’t bring 2 textures in and multiplying them the same as adding the info in as a texture before in import it in, its just the same result, I guess the value is I can get a bit more control of the “depth” inside of UE4, but I still want the depth there to start with so I don’t know. anyway there is some nice stuff there no doubt, i have made the 3d assets look much better as a result of this. I’m not sold not the materials and the Megascans studio, I just don’t see the value in it, really all it dose it is mash textures together using high maps witch I can do inside UE4 and have way more control over it and also stop the tiling affect as well, I think it’s just not for me,

You can pack the Roughness/AO/Cavity maps as a single RGB texture to allow for easier swapping of materials.

You can certainly do all the blending if you want inside of UE4, but it can sometimes be more convenient to generate a “unique” blended material in studio which is still a single material type (wet mud, dry mud, cracked mud, rocky mud) and then do that for several material types, and blend in UE4. That’s what I’ve been doing for landcape materials, and getting good results!

Here’s a simple example of two megascans studio materials (mud/moss) blended based on slope in ue4:

Best of both worlds :slight_smile:

As for tiling- with blending in UE4 and breakup from studio it is easy to reduce tiling over a large space- here is a quick example with 3 material layers (grass/mud/rock):

that is a nice result, as much as I am not sold on the materials they are still far better them just about every thing on the UE4 marketplace (that I have downloaded), there 3d assets poo all-over the 3d assets there as well (that I have downloaded) , except for the assets found in the boy with a kit (witch are free), I have used every free asset in all the free Demo in just about every scene I have made for myself, just about every one of then is top notch.

magascans Bridge seems like a very handy program, a nice way to view asset I have collected over time but from what I understand is the program stops working onces I have stoped my subscription os for $30 a month I think not