Megascan 3D assets no UV map

Hello, just point out that in the 4.13 preview 3 the megascan meshes doesn’t support UV maps, instead all 3D meshes that are unwrapped with 3DS Max works

I’ve encountered this as well. It’s taking me ages to unwrap and export each LOD from Maya. Some models (like the Debris Wood Stick) have 51 material elements, so the process of UV unwrapping and material set up would take too long to be worth it. I naively assumed the Megascans Bridge export to Unreal would take care of the set up automatically.

Hey guys, Scott from Quixel here. We’re able to replicate the issue here with UE 4.13 also, and we believe (after a lot of trying) that the issue is somewhere with UE 4.13’s FBX import. For now, with Megascans, the workaround is to import the meshes using OBJ to maintain the correct UV maps on import.

This has been reported already and was fixed earlier today. The fix will be out in the 4.13.1 hotfix in the next week or two.

This issue has affected both OBJ and FBX files, but has been odd in behavior that it only affects some programs. For instance, from 3Ds Max 2016 if I export an OBJ I have no UVs on import and some from Sketchup exporting FBX have had no UVs on import but OBJ will.

Either way, a fix is coming soon!


I`m currently importing into 4.12 and then migrating to 4.13
This seems to restore the uvs