Meeting minimum Oculus Go 60fps requirements

Greetings, I’ve been working on a small Oculus Go VR game which is supposed to be a stripped down “Lite” version of full Oculus experience. My main issue is trying to hit the 60fps benchmark needed in order to be accepted on the Oculus store. I’ve gone under the hood and learned a great deal about optimization which will be very useful moving forward, however I feel like I am near the limit of what I can really take out in order to get more fps. Has anyone successfully gotten something running at 60fps on the Oculus Go?

Givrn the number of released Go apps on the Oculus store, the answer is yes.

Now, how you optimize your project to reach the same goal is a completely different story.

Did you run some profiling to try to understand what is limiting your FPS? There is a whole section about Testing and Performance Analysis on the Oculus dev site.

Do the Fortnite mobile sneak and remove all your LOD 0 assets and use the LOD1s instead. But seriously though, that’ll cut down polys and texture rez. Might be a last-resort kind of thing.