Meerkat demo incompatible UE version

I’m trying to create a project from the Meerkat demo but am getting an error “This content requires a supported Engine version to be installed…”. I have UE5 installed (on an M1 Mac Pro machine). Do I need to configure any additional settings to get this demo working?
I’m able to create a project from the Lyra starter game but not this demo.


Are you using UE5 full release? It might not work with UE5 EA

I believe so. I downloaded UE5 after the official release through the Unreal launcher.

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That’s weird… there’s another person who has an m1 MacBook. IV-CMD-DREQ - This content requires a supported Engine version to be installed. UE5 on Mac

The Valley of the Ancients demo also fails to create a project with the same error. If this matters to anyone.

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Yeah… unfortunately I don’t think you will be able to do this on Mac… I think the projects aren’t compatible with Mac. Sorry. :confused:

Not yet. But maybe if it gets enough likes or similar posts someone will fix the underlying bug(s). I can’t imagine it would take too much time to figure out what is causing this since other demo projects work out the box.


Same issue here…
For some reason those assets are flagged as Windows only

Even when the button is showing Add To Project…