Meerkat Demo Global Illumination

Hey guys, I wonder if anyone here knew what is going on with the light bounces on meerkat demo project file.
I tried to turn off all objects except the environment folder, and it seem the environment had some orange light bounces even after turning off all the lights, I assume this is coming from the Skylight capture, but it doesn’t seem like that, because when I delete the skylight, the oranges still there. ( or I missed something here )

And then I tried to move one piece of rock up, and suddenly the orange was gone right after I move the object.

I might giving a silly question here since I’m quite new to Unreal.
My goal to move some objects without breaking this orange light bounces.
Any help would be really appreciated. Thank You!

have you tried rebuilding all with the skylight turned off (affects world unchecked)?
maybe its another actor that does some fake bounced light

Hi didel, yes I’ve tried that, but it turns out to be all dark even after turning on and off the skylight (affect world), the result still dark, and can’t get back to the looks from original project.

I also tried see whether the SSGI were off, but turns out the SSGI were on, but it doesn’t give so much difference.

I’m still searching and experimenting, will update if I find why this is happening, meanwhile if anyone in this forum has the idea where this bounce light is coming, please let us know. Thanks!

World options>search "Force No Precomputed Lighting>Tick it>Build>Build lighting only.
looks like they baked lighting to get more bounce and then set all lights to moveable to get dynamic shadows.

So basically, does it mean that we can’t reproduce the bounce lighting by just using this file ? because it was baked before somewhere in their production ?

I couldn’t see which images they use to produce that nice orange bounce, it seem all images in the project file was more into cool tone instead of warm tone.

It looks terrible when rebuilding the lighting :joy:

well yeah, if you remove all the bounce lighting it will look bad. I deleted the project but IIRC they have multiple lights and one or two is tinted orange.

Ok so,

I guess I missed this part right down the bottom and thought you just wanted to remove the bounce. In order to use it again, you’ll have to set all the lights to static/stationary and rebuild lighting on production after you have moved the stuff you want to be moved.
You will have to experiment with different lights on and off to get the exact conditions they used for the colour, as they might have turned off the main lights. After each time you build and you aren’t happy with it, just exit the editor and don’t save, then when you reload, the lighting will go back to default.

If you have saved the project with the new lighting and want to get back to default, you can backup the level and build data (it will be in the same folder and called Map name _BuildData) from your project, then navigate to your vault cache, go into the meerkat demo, copy the level and build data from there and replace the ones in your project. This will reset the level and lighting while not affecting any bp’s etc if you have modified some and want to keep them, or you can just delete the project and recreate it if you haven’t changed anything and just want an easy way back. This will also reset the positions of any assets in the world FYI.

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