Medieval tavern created in Unreal Engine. What do you guys think?

Spent quite some time with my art partner working on this medieval tavern scene, complete with medieval music we composed and recorded. Just released it yesterday.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Medieval Tavern

Best wishes, Gnomeass x


Hi there @Gnomeass,

Hope you’re doing well and having a terrific week so far.

I know this is meant to be purely a medieval tavern, but it reminded me of a dwarven fantasy pub. Especially with all the wooden carved detail and surplus of ale. It’s clear that a lot of historic design went into this project, but it’s the use of warm candlelight and cheery music that made this such a stunning work for me. You’ve created something immersive and genuinely captivating. Incredible work - I hope to see more of your beautiful worlds in the future.

Thanks so much for sharing. Happy developing :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I’m just now witnessing your incredible Medieval Tavern, @Gnomeass. To say it is stunning would be an understatement, especially for a creation I can tell was so delicately crafted! @PresumptivePanda said it best; this scene is very immersive and genuinely captivating. How long did you and your art partner work on this design? :smile:


I think the best compliment I can give to this is - when are you releasing the playable VR version - just great. So much love and care in the design.
(one technical point books don’t show up until quite late in history so this is more 1700s that medieval)


Very nice. The fireplace could use some burn red hot coals and slow down the animation abit. Impressive.

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Greetings @Gnomeass ! (tee-hee!)

The natural textures and the style of the assets here are remarkable in every intricate detail - everything one would imagine in ye olde fantasy tavern. The firelit tavern evokes a warm, cozy evening with a stein of beer and a hearty meal. :fire: I really love the seating arrangements, with some areas looking like a VIP, private section. This is a really swanky tavern!

My favorite piece is the beautiful intertwined tree arch with the lanterns hanging from it. It puts me in the mind of traditional elven décor. I can imagine the community filling up the tavern and bursting into cheerful chorus singing songs of adventure, love, and war.

Wondrous work! Not only is this project awe-inspiring, what’s equally remarkable is that you and your art partner composed and recorded original music! What do you and your art partner do professionally? Are there any skills that contributed to this project that you’ve learned on your own?


Incredible! Looks great, nice work!

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Hi there and thanks so much for leaving a comment! Wow, I can totally see it now - it’s definitely got a Dwarven vibe to it haha! The merry music seemed perfect for our post lockdown world, we could all do with a bit of cheering up I think!!

Do stay connected, and thanks again!


Aww, thank you, that’s so kind of you to say! It did indeed take a long time to create, 3D worlds are so much fun and addictive to work on, couldn’t say we counted the time, we just worked on it between other projects over a period of around 9 months more or less!

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Thanks for the feedback!

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This comment put a huge smile on our faces so thanks for taking the time to send it to us! I’m a music producer and have been composing for films for several years though got pigeon holed into composing for rom coms for some reason lol! What I have always wanted is to create music for video games! Here is my website if you fancy checking out my pro work: Listen — Dom Sky & Jack Rose

The Epic / Cinematic section is the kind of stuff I love doing the most! Anyhow, this tavern scene was a lot of fun to create the music for because I challenged myself to write each track, and record all the instruments for it in an afternoon! Considering I only picked up the violin and the Irish whistles during the lockdown, I was kinda proud of the results! Haha

My name is Jack, and my creative partner Maryell is a stills photographer, who has also done a lot of work on film sets, but we have both really enjoyed getting into 3D modelling in Blender, texturing everything ourselves in Substance, and then using UE 5 to create worlds and light them up!

We would both love to develop our careers within the video games industry, or working on fantasy films / tv series. That’s the genre we love. Fingers crossed!

Have a great week.

Gnomeass (Jack Rose)


It sounds like you guys had a blast working on it, and the nine months of work paid off fabulously! Your creation is perfect! Thank you for sharing it with us here in the forums, and I hope we get to see more of your work soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, Jack! I’m moved by your reply! It’s both awesome and an honor to meet a music producer/composer who has bravely stepped forward into exploring the genre that he loves! Rom coms, eh? LOL! Although rom coms are not nearly a remote favorite genre of mine, I am very interested in knowing which rom coms you’ve composed for! Love needs a good soundtrack full of passion and quirkiness! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I appreciate you sharing the link to your pro work! I took a listen to several tracks. My favorite is the Historical TV Title Track. It sounds like the Game of Thrones theme went on a date with the Skyrim Dovahkiin theme and this epic track is the result! :wink: It put me in the mood for gaming!

It’s so incredible that you work in such a pristine studio, and with a live orchestral band! I have no idea what all those knobs and buttons are on the studio’s programming board, and I’m insanely impressed with people that have learned to use them.

I see that you recently learned the violin and the Irish whistles. Impressive! (admittedly I had to look up what Irish whistles are! LOL!) What other instruments do you play? How does it feel when the orchestra plays music that you’ve composed? Finally, how did you and the great Maryell meet? I have other questions, but I don’t want to bombard you with them.


Absolutely stunning work, the audio and visuals are amazing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us. Keep up the good work



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Would love to buy this on the market.

Only noticed the following things from watching 10 minutes:

  • Exterior, otherwise implementation constraints.
  • A wall paint to bring more dramatic to the fire place - currently the same as rest of wall - no signs of burn.
  • Stone floor in front of the fire place.


Thank you for the response! We have never sold anything on the market, though it’s something we have considered. What sort of price would a full set of assets like this generally sell for do you think?

Best wishes!


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Hi Get_DOVAH_it !

Thank you for your lovely comments! I play a lot of instruments, but mostly dabble in them for fun! I recently started learning the Indian Bansuri, a beautiful bamboo flute. It has a special technique for traditional Indian music, but actually sounds great playing Celtic style music too!

Having an orchestra play my music is always an absolute treat! It doesn’t happen all that often though, as budgets generally only cover a small ensemble of musicians, or more often than not, MIDI only productions.

Maryell and I have been working together for many years on numerous projects!

Thanks for the interest, have a great week :slight_smile:



There is a trade off. The higher the price the fewer sales you will make. At $50 you will sell a few at $10 you could get a lot of take up (and probably make more money in the end). However before going down this route think about the commitment you are making to the people who buy it. Each time there is a new engine version they will expect you to do a version upgrade. Remember that you can’t include assets you got from someone else’s marketplace pack. Not trying to put you off - I would love a copy of this - just want you to go into it with proper consideration.

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Personally, I would look at other tavern packs Browse and Search the Unreal Engine Marketplace - UE Marketplace and factor in the current economic situation (more challenging times with inflation, people generally have less money). It is sort of a philosophical approach to find the right price. It also depends if you plan to offer discount. If you look at the bigger architecture sellers they usually offer what I would call a middle ground. And then in the grand scheme of things about 90 percent of the developers here probably wont sell enough copies (if they even come to the release stage), to create a return on investment. Additional if you offer a great product but it is difficult to afford, the chance that people will try to get it through downloading it elsewhere increases. And then you also likely will not provide a standard product with your first release, meaning that for instance materials require some attention.

Factors to find the right price

  • Analyze the market (comparable offers)
  • The overall economic situation
  • A lower price likely reduces lost revenue through warez potential
  • Consider if you will push your offer occasionally through discounts

Generally, for a new market seller with not fully optimized assets (texture size, materials, facilitating of engine assets), a lower price creates more attention, and accounts for required updates on the buyers side.

In example, the pricing from Leartes Studio is what I call fair

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